It's vital for you to take control of your website.

We all need to stand behind how we appear online. In business, the website communicates the soul of your company, what you sell and also what you stand for. If you control it, it's like being able to print marketing material on demand for new products, new offerings, new services and packages. Some people get stuck here as it can be overwhelming. This is a shame as you don't need to become a programmer to master your online space.

My work (and this website) is to give you ideas, tools, inspiration and motivation to control your website, so who you are and what you do online serve your business, and your existing and future customers feel loved and welcome.

Some clients don't have time to update their website more than twice per year but their website looks good as the content is adapted and doesn't need to be touched often. At the other end, somebody who has a web-based business needs to perfect a website because this is the ultimate sales channel.

When we work together, you'll see that they are simple ways to get quick and tangible results whatever your activity, the size of your business or the amount of time you're willing to put into your web presence.


I can create the tech space (website, video, print) and/or the content for you.


I'll help you with everything you need related to your website: design, copy, videos, photos or graphics, social media, seo, domain name, hosting... Depending on the type of project, the size of your website, its functionality and your level of involvement, I'll deliver everything within a week or a month max. For large video projects (interviews, corporate, promotional, graphic motion...), strengthened by our partnership with www.decideurstv.com who have undertaken over 8,000 projects since 2007 including CAC40 companies and start ups, I'll give you the highest level of service. For any print, I'll send a quote on request.


The largest number of my clients are micro-businesses or start-ups, but larger groups like to work with me to get a fresh entrepreneurial and expert insight as well as simple, practical and actionable tools to move their digital marketing to its next step, boost sales and create connectedness. I'll make sure your website and what you do online are in line with your goals and transform visitors into new customers. Fees can be negotiated depending on the type and the duration of your project.

You can expect from me good advice on a straight forward and proven online strategy, UX (user experience), backed up with examples, concrete tools, action plans, support and some useful personal insights I only share with my clients.

Why I use Wordpress for your website

- WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.
- Wordpress is unlimited in term of design customisation.
- You're not reliant on any company staying in business. After I've created your website, you're totally independent and in control.
- Nobody will control your terms of service, your domain name, etc. Nothing will be dictated by anyone else, including your marketing email provider.

In a few words,

M y name is Frédérique. I'm an entrepreneur, marketeer, passionate about the digital space, unshakable activator dedicated to help you succeed online. For as long as I remember, I always loved to involve myself in building projects and ensure their success.
Ten years ago, I gave up the security of 9-5 and through my own digital and marketing company, I’ve had a great deal of satisfaction in helping companies and individuals like you to develop their businesses with website, branding, print, video & meaningful actions to create results.

Born-and-raised French, now living in London, I enjoy working for clients on both side of the Channel. I have a generalist background (History, Geopolitic of the Media at University) complemented with the experience of selling for luxury brands, organising private events & conferences with UNESCO and journalism. I started my career in Paris, in the creative and account management field, such as branding, advertising, sales, services and products, all of which were high profile, highly visible projects and high pressure.

Insatiably curious, I love to go deeper into the market of my clients and understand who are their customers. I'm also always learning about what exactly it is that makes companies genuinely successful and thrive online.

When we work together, my ultimate goal is that you are empowered and feel tech educated and in control.

If we haven't met yet, I hope to have the pleasure to meet you soon.

Frédérique x